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2019 PYO Patriots Program & Tryouts

The Pisgah Youth Organization continues to serve the local youth in our community as it has for over 50 years. In an effort to provide a balanced sports program, PYO launched a Select Baseball Program in 2010 fielding its first Patriot Team. In 2018, PYO fielded 16 Patriot Teams.

As an organization, PYO realizes that many of our members want their child playing select baseball. With the PYO Patriots program in place, many of our skilled players remain within the organization. PYO's goal is simple: If you're going to play select baseball, why not do it with the organization that you already belong to.  

Please consider allowing your child to tryout for a 2019 Patriot Team to play next Spring/Summer. Select/travel baseball is not for everyone. The time, talent and costs related can be considerably more than the traditional, local teams that PYO has fielded for many years. Patriot teams generally consist of 12 players. Most teams will begin off-season training in early January and play approx a 30-40 game schedule. Playing time is not guaranteed. The Patriot team's play to win and represent the most talented players that each coach assembles. The total costs vary by team, but are generally in the $750+ range.

Please see the below Patriot Coach information for the age group listed as well as the tryout information.

In case of wet weather, please go the PYO website and hit the "Field Conditions " link to see if the Fields are open for the tryout.

Players may not have their birthday prior to May 1 of the current year. (I.e.: A player’s age on April 30 of the current season is the official age).

As more information becomes available we will update the below chart.


If the date for the tryout is past, please contact the coach directly for more information.

Age Coach E-Mail


Try-Out Date / Information for the Spring 2019 Teams
8U Joshua Mitchell 404-324-6004 Tryout -  July 28th @ 10am - Field 7
9U Joel Thrash 513-508-1460 Tryout -  July 8th @ 2pm - Field 7 & July 9th @ 6:30pm - Field 7
9U Tyree Foster 513-498-7787 Contact Coach for Tryout Information
10U Jamie Norris 513-253-8667 Contact Coach for Tryout Information
11U John Barth 859-250-2019 Tryout -  July 8th @12pm - Field 4  & July 17th @ 6:30pm - Field 4
11U Dave Maloney 513-675-5708 Tryout - July 16  @6:30pm - Field 6
12U Steve Holt 513-706-2874 Contact Coach for Tryout Information
12U Mo Shaw 513-967-1290 Tryout - July 12th @ 6:30pm
13U Jeff McNamee 937-672-2689 Tryout - July18th @6:30pm  - Field 9  & July 21st @10am - Field 6
13U Mark Moody 513-405-0140 Tryout - July 22nd -  2 pm  - Field 9
14U Luke Bastin 513-238-4798 Tryout - July 7th and July 8th - 2pm to 4pm  - Field 5
14U Patrick Wallace 513-258-1047 Tryout  July 2nd 6:30  Field 5 & July 7th @10am  Field 5  & July 14th @10am  Field 5
15U Adam Duperier 573-225-7447 Tryout - July 31st - 6:30  - Field 5 -- Call Coach for additional tryouts
15U Ken Janzen 513-623-4133 Contact Coach for Tryout Information

If the date for the tryout is past, please contact the coach directly.